A budget that invests in families and communities.


Americans deserve a budget that addresses the real needs of working Americans. 

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has - for six years - introduced a bold progressive vision for a better future: a budget that focuses on job creation and public engagement; investing in a better future; and prioritizing addressing the real needs of working families across the country. That plan is the People's Budget.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus Center has created this site as a resource on exactly what the People's Budget proposes, and how it can improve the lives of all Americans in the near term and, even more importantly, in the long term. 

This website endeavors to highlight the expert analysis of economists, public intellectuals and others around the People's Budget, as well as to illuminate the conversation the American people are holding around this alternative budget. We also seek to provide some insights into what the budget can accomplish through helpful info-graphics. 

The Congressional Progressive Caucus Center has a history of bringing clarity to what the progressive movement in America stands for and what their principles are. 

The People's Budget helps to illustrate exactly what progressives in the CPC believe in and stand for.

The People's Budget serves not only as a vision for transforming progressive ideas into bold policies, but also as a clear demonstration of what the progressive movement in America looks like today. This budget shows how progressive values can help contribute to a better tomorrow and better future for all Americans. 

To learn more about the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center , please visit our website: progressivecongress.org.