The People's Budget: A Raise for America, is the Alternative Budget proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and provides a progressive vision for America that works for all. 

  • 8.4 million good paying jobs by 2018

  • $1.9 trillion investment in America's future

  • $820 billion infrastructure and transportation improvements

In the words of People's Budget:

The People's Budget fixes an economy that, for too long, has failed to provide the opportunities American families need to get ahead. Despite their skills and work ethic, most American workers workers and families are so financially strapped from increasing income inequality that their paychecks barely cover basic necessities. They earn less and less as corporations and the wealthy continue amassing record profits. It has become clear to American workers that the system is rigged.
The People’s Budget levels the playing field and creates economic opportunity by increasing the pay of middle- and low-income Americans.